What does RAYA MODELS offer?

RAYA GmbH provides models, dancers and actors in Germany, the EU and worldwide. On our online platform RAYA MODELS, clients as well as freelancers have the possibility to place their orders or profiles in order to find each other.

Where is RAYA MODELS operating?
RAYA MODELS operates in Germany, the EU and worldwide.

I have problems uploading my photos.

This may be caused by the size of the file or a wrong format. Photos can only be uploaded as jpg and must not be larger than 10 MB per image.

Is my personal information safe with RAYA MODELS?

The transmission and storage of data is protected against unauthorized access. The data is all stored securely in accordance with strict guidelines.

What do I have to do if I have forgotten my password?

On this page you can recover your password. After you enter your email address, the system will send you a link to change your password.

How can I accept or reject a job request?

Once you are registered, you will receive a job request by mail if you fit the requested profile. You can reply via e-mail whether you are interested or not. You can also indicate if you accept only a part of the request (e.g. only 2 of 4 days). Attention: This only confirms that you want to apply for this job, it is not a job offer. If the client selects you for the booking, the expressed interest automatically changes into a binding commitment, i.e. you are contractually obligated to accept the assignment. As long as you have not yet been booked, you can withdraw your acceptance by phone +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 5918 or by e-mail info@rayamodels.com.

How can I change or cancel my confirmation?

You can call our hotline at +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 5918, or send us an e-mail to
Please tell us your name, the name of the booking and the dates you have mistakenly confirmed. We will either send you a new request or delete you from the list of applicants for this assignment.

What happens after I have received a confirmation?

You will receive a contract attached to the confirmation email. Please print it out, sign it and send it to: Postal address: RAYA MODELS, Alemannenstr. 41, 88250 Weingarten and send a scan of the signed contract via e-mail info@rayamodels.com
as well.

What can be the reason that I have not yet been booked despite many promises on my part?

At RAYA MODELS the clients always decide themselves which freelancer they want to book. Often the clients choose freelancers that they have already booked and who have worked satisfactorily. Especially with very attractive jobs, the number of applicants is naturally high and the clients have the possibility to set any filter. Therefore, it can often be worthwhile to take on assignments at the very beginning that do not look attractive - short-term request, few working hours, assignments that are far away from home, minimum wage, etc. The number of interested freelancers in such assignments is rather low compared to others, which significantly increases your chances of being selected. So you get the opportunity to gain first experiences, which does not exclude you from the filter criteria any more.

I get no or only few booking requests. What can be the reason for that?

There can be different reasons for this: too few or not advantageous photos in the sedcard, no order was booked in your region, or your salary expectations are too high. In this case we would recommend to look onlinewww.rayamodels.com at the sedcards of the other models / freelancers and compare them. Basically, a large availability at several locations in Germany is always the best guarantee to get a job.

I am unwell or unable to attend and cannot fulfil the assignment. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately by phone on +49 (0)173 261 7062 or +49 (0)173 350 5918, so that we can find a suitable replacement for you. In some cases a medical certificate may be required from RAYA MODELS.
Please note that an unexcused non-appearance or increased short-term cancellations may lead to exclusion from the platform and/or financial compensation penalties.

What do I have to do if I have an accident on the job?

Please contact us immediately by phone on +49 (0)173 261 7062 or +49 (0)173 350 5918

What should I do if I have not received my pay?

Possible reasons for this could be:

  • You made a mistake when entering your payment details. Check the details you entered in your profile. If your details are correct, send an e-mail to info@rayamodels.com
  • No invoice has been sent to us yet.

If none of these reasons apply, write an e-mail to info@rayamodels.com or call us at +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 591

How can I change my e-mail address or postal address?

As your contact information and profile details are used for assignment requests and payment, it is very important to keep them up to date. You can change or add or edit your data at any time in your account.
You forgot to enter the accounting data (bank details etc.).

What expectations are placed on me?

We expect that you

  1. give true information about yourself: i.e. because we must rely on this information. Because we guarantee to the client that the information provided is correct.
  2. you keep your binding promises
  3. deliver professional work (e.g. punctuality, friendly appearance, high motivation)
What do I have to do to become a freelancer?

The best thing to do is to register online right now and create your profile.
Clients pay particular attention to the following points when making their selection:

  1. The appearance (you represent the interests of the client, therefore a neat hairstyle, well-groomed fingernails, discreet make-up and serious clothing are a must)
  2. English skills (are becoming more and more important due to the many international customers)
  3. Relevant experience (Should you have already worked at a trade show, or for example in catering, restaurant or service? Then you should mention this in your profile. You can also mention an interesting study or other interesting part-time job)
Do I have to be available for RAYA MODELS throughout Germany?

No, you don't have to. But you should keep in mind that you would be able to get more jobs, the more cities you have in your availability.


Do you have any questions?
Please contact contactus.
In urgent cases please call us at +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 591.