How does booking through RAYA MODELS work?

You send us online a non-binding booking request for your shooting, film or video shoot. This should include the venue, the period, the number of models / freelancers required.

After your request has been entered into our database, the right model will be informed immediately. You will then receive a selection of suitable models/ freelancers, which are exactly adapted to your needs. You have the possibility to compare online their profiles of our proposed freelancers and book them directly if required.

After the booking our freelancers are automatically informed about the order via SMS and e-mail and receive all relevant information (location, working time, contact person etc.).
>br> After the assignment, we will ask you for a short feedback and send you the invoice.
>br> If you have any problems or questions before, during or after the application, you can contact us at any time at +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 591.

At where can the RAYA MODELS independent employees be deployed?

Our self-employed freelancers can be booked all over Germany.

What kind of freelancers does RAYA MODELS place?

In our data base you will find models, dancers and actors for shootings, videos, advertising and film productions.

Is it possible to get to know a candidate in a personal/telephone interview before I employ him?

If you are interested in a pre-meeting with one of our freelancers, please contact us at +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 591.

Is my personal information safe with RAYA MODELS?

Your data is protected against unauthorized access at all times. The storage is carried out after strict guidelines.

What happens in case of absences of staff?

If our staff should be unable to work, we will also provide replacements at short notice. If a freelancer should be unable to work at an early stage, we will send you a further selection for replacement. However, if the loss is very short-term (e.g. in case of illness), we will immediately look for an adequate replacement.

What happens if a freelancer does not show up for work?

In this case, please contact us via +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 591. We are also available outside office hours. The unexcused non-appearance of a freelancer can lead to his or her exclusion from the platform.

What are the costs for my company?

Our freelancers can decide for themselves at what hourly wage they want to work for a specific job. We invoice the gross fee of models, dancers and artists with 1,2.

The pay depends above all on the qualifications required. Furthermore, the job description and the shift duration are important.
Our freelancers know that the customer can compare the data from a large pool of freelancers before booking and that the price is one of the most important points of course. Therefore, excessive price demands do not make sense.

How do I choose the right freelancer?

Our selection is already tailored to your individual needs, but if you still have questions or need help in making a decision, you can always call us. This way we can give you a recommendation if necessary.


Do you have questions?
Pleasecontact us.
In urgent matters, please call us at +49 (0)173 261 7062 and +49 (0)173 350 591.